Sunday, October 31, 2010

Carving out a little family time

Darling husband did, in fact, come home with a lovely pumpkin yesterday, and after dinner we stripped the girl down and dug in. The handy dandy pumpkin carving kit from Grandma and Papa made the whole thing much less violent than usual, what with a selection of stencils and teeny tiny little blades much more suited to precision fruit carving than the machete used in last year's debauchery.

E enjoyed herself, although she didn't dive in elbow deep like I had hoped. She was actually quite reserved, letting out one disconcerted moan when I deigned to drop a string of goop on her arm. With a little coaxing, she participated a bit in the evisceration, but she was much more interested in providing moral support for our pumpkin friend with a steady supply of pats and hugs.

I'm very happy with the end result, both the Jack-o-Lantern and the family time. We had fun, we took pictures, and we were together. That's all this girl wants.

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