Saturday, October 30, 2010

I'm not complaining...

So it turns out that you can't always force people to bend to your will.

I've tried this post a few times but haven't been able to make it not smack of disgruntled housewife.

The good news is that my "I'm too busy" husband and his "Mamaaaaaa, PICK YOU UP!" daughter have left me to my own devices so that I can get some much needed cleaning and decompressing done.

Hello, what's this?

The other good news is that a package has just arrived on my doorstep. I tried to wait, but heck, I'm in need of a little instant gratification...

This, my friends, is a flashback to my university days. My parents can put a care package together like no other. Yes indeed, that is a box of chocolates, Anctil-style. That is to say - a shoebox full of chocolate.

Thanks kids! You've come through in the clutch, once again. And, assuming he does what he's told...(insert sarcasm here)...he will come home bearing pumpkin for us to carve this evening, putting your kit to good use.

P.S. I know, I know. It still smacks. Deal with it.

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