Friday, October 15, 2010

Food on the brain

I think I need to live in a commune. Or adopt a houseful of hungry-but-not-obnoxious teenagers. Either way, my need to cook for people is just not being satisfied by one husband and one tiny daughter. And tiny though she may be, she really cuts into the time I could be spending in the kitchen. No, this isn't working for me at all.

I need a big kitchen, people to feed and lots of time to read recipes, wander grocery aisles and fritter away at the stove with an apron and a cup of coffee/glass of wine/spatula of frosting. I'm tired of having to choose between doing the dishes or preparing food because there isn't enough counter space to accommodate both dirty dishes and a cutting board. I'm tired of making a feast for a king and then either trying to cram it all in the freezer before it goes bad or waiting until it goes bad in the fridge and throwing it out. I'm tired of adding to a list of things to make that is only getting longer because nothing is getting crossed off.

I have 4 day old delicious tarte tatin, 2 day old delicious chocolate cake, a hankering like no other for this cake and some good old fashioned nanaimo bars. I have all of the ingredients sitting there winking at me when I open the fridge or the cupboard. Maybe it's more that my appetite needs to be reined in, or maybe this lack of satisfaction in the culinary department is suggestive of something lacking in other areas of my life. Who knows. How can I concentrate on all of this metaphysical mumbo jumbo when these mouth-watering confections are calling my name???

Please help. There's not much room in this apartment, but if you move in and help pay the exorbitant rent I'll feed you. I'll feed you good.

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