Monday, October 11, 2010

Post-turkey digestion and reflection

"Thank you mama!" "Thank you dada!" "Thank you Ralphie!"

Our daughter certainly doesn't have any trouble with it. Sometimes she needs a reminder, but she's always happy to oblige. I think the rest of us could use those little reminders sometimes. Yesterday was a day full of things to be thankful for...

Thank you to E's hypothalamus for allowing her to wake up without a fever for the first time in 4 days.

Thank you to the floor of the laundromat for not chipping one of Elle's teeth or cutting her lip badly enough for stitches when she tripped and landed on her face.

Thank you to Ralph for not making me feel bad for forgetting about you and leaving you tied up outside the laundromat while I headed home with the laundry.

Thank you to the sleep gods for taking E for a second nap after the first 30 minute snooze followed by 45 minutes of screaming. And thank you for making that second nap long enough to let me make most of my Thanksgiving dinner preparations.

Thank you to E for waking up from nap #2 in a fantastic mood. Whew.

Thank you to my parents for a most wonderful Skype date (and to E again for being extra charming).

Thank you to J for coming home in time to distract the girl while I finished Thanksgiving dinner preparations.

Thank you to Mr. Beringer for the lovely Chardonnay, to Rachael Ray for the delicious Herb Roasted Turkey Breast, to Paula Deen for your outstanding Green Bean Casserole, to the Yukon for the creamy spuds, to Oceanspray for the recipe for cranberry sauce on the back of the bag (how convenient!), and to Molly Wizenberg for the thirds-worthy Tarte Tatin.

Thank you to my daughter (again) for at least eating a little cranberry sauce.

Thank you to my wonderful husband for his enthusiasm over Thanksgiving this year, and for his ever graceful tolerance of his hysterical wife.

Like I predicted, there were tears, there were fits of fury, and there were almost stitches, but I'm glad I went to the trouble. Yes, it was a great Thanksgiving this year. Or, as E calls it - "Happy Birthday-giving!" Makes it sound even better, doesn't it?

Now, let's have another look at that Tarte Tatin...

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