Friday, October 29, 2010

Family Time

I've decided that our little family needs to spend more quality time together. It seems like there is always a reason to stay home, to not take little trips or make our own special occasions. But now I find that when I look at pictures of my friends with their families enjoying trips to the pumpkin patch or little weekend getaways, it makes me sad to think that we are letting opportunities slip by.

Money is an issue. Time is an even bigger issue with J's ridiculous schedule. And it's so easy to hum and haw over to do or not to do for so long that the window is gone. But if we make it a priority, I'm sure that we can scrape together a few pennies, carve a couple of hours out of the day and find something fun and magical to do.

This weekend I've decided that we're going to do a photo shoot with E in the leaves at Prospect Park. Last year we did it on a day when dada was at work. This year we'll bring the whole family. Even Ralph. Yep, I said it. Even Ralph. He's been the red-headed step-child long enough. Yesterday we were reading Goodnight New York City for the one millionth time, and E was listing all of the places in the book that we've been.

"Bronx Zoo!" (that's a mouthful for a toddler) "E, mama and dada too! Not Ralph."
"Library!" "E and mama! Not Ralph."
"Brooklyn Bridge!" "E and mama and dada too! Not Ralph."
"Park!" "E and mama and dada too! Not Ralph."

Are you picking up on a pattern here? Okay, so Ralph would likely not be welcome at the zoo or the library, but he deserves to be a part of family time too. And spending the whole day outside sounds like just his cup of tea.

This morning mama and Ralph were sitting on the couch and E came over and said "Family hug! Group hug!" Once I disentangled myself from the love-fest I was able to catch these keepers:

Stay tuned for much more cuteness post-weekend...

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  1. Maybe Ralph, Lilly and Buster should start a support dog, "We're part of the family, too."