Monday, October 4, 2010

The end of an era...or at least a really great read.

It took almost 7 years, just about the full span of Harry's adventure. Isn't that poetic?

I first heard about the Harry Potter series ten years ago, when I was working at a Montessori school and was subject to endless gushing by students and parents alike about this absolutely gripping new series. At first I dismissed it rather easily. Fantasy? Magic? Wizards? Not really my thing. Okay, there may have been a *very brief* period in my 16th year, involving a boy, that may have seen me *fleetingly* fall under the spell of Drizzt Do'urden and his Icewind Dale Trilogy. I can't believe I just admitted that....let's move on, shall we? (awkward cough and uncomfortable shifting movements)

Anyhoo...a few years later a client of mine was reading one of the books in the waiting room of my clinic. We got to talking about it and she offered to lend me the first three books. That was it. Sold. She's a genius, that J.K. Rowling. For so many reasons, not least of all for her pure storytelling prowess. She knocks my socks off. Shall we say, she had me at hello.

Tonight I finished Book 7, the last and final book in the series of Harry Potter and his valiant slog through seven years at wizarding school, each one tested to a new and more sinister level by an evil such as has never before existed. And, barring a bit of a cheesefest in the final chapter, I am completely and utterly satisfied. In fact, bring on the cheese. The woman managed to keep me on the line for 4224 pages. I'll have the cheeselovers combo, extra cheese.

I haven't watched a single movie, as (like most people) I tend to be disappointed with a movie after having read the book on which it is based, and I haven't wanted to influence my impression of the characters and the details with Hollywood's interpretation. I've even avoided talking to anyone about the books to avoid spoilers, and only figured out how to pronounce Hermione's name during Book 6 because they spelled it out phonetically at one point. (It's Er-my-knee.) All that time I'd been calling her Her-mee-own. How embarrassing. Now, however, I plan to watch the movies. All of them. One right after the other. I'd better book a sitter.

Coinciding with the completion of reading the series, just this past weekend I managed to also complete my collection of the books themselves. I read all of the books by borrowing from friends or from the library, and had grand plans to buy a box set one day at an abominable price. Ah, Brooklyn. Another reason to love you. I am now the proud owner of immaculate hardcover copies of all 7 books from stoop sales, or free on curbs, for a total of $8.

Goodnight all. I'll be dreaming of riding the Hogwarts Express, sipping Butterbeer and feasting on puddings in the Great Hall. Nox!

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