Thursday, September 30, 2010

What Elle's sayin'

I can't sleep. So let me tell you how cute my daughter is.

Yesterday we were at the Copy Cottage, a quaint little shop that has mailboxes, copy services, etc. and usually a cute little bunny rabbit in a giant aquarium (sans water) that keeps watch over the whole operation. Yesterday, said rabbit was conspicuously absent.

Before I had considered the possible repercussions I asked: "Where's the rabbit?" Fortunately, it turns out he had gone to live with one of their customers. No, I didn't ask if this mysterious customer lived "on a farm". I believe my response was "Oh. That's too bad." And we left.

Well, all the way home, and again later that day for dad's enjoyment, E kept throwing her arms in the air proclaiming "Bunny rabbit GONE! Sad. Poor guy! Poooooor guy", with a sad little shake of her head. Priceless.

She has also figured out how the world of supply and demand works. It used to be that when we were out of something she wanted, I would inform her of this and, after some minor voicings of displeasure, we would find a suitable alternative. Not so anymore. A few days ago she asked for grapes. She always asks for grapes. She loves grapes. On this day we were out of grapes. I let her down gently, then tried a hard sell for the delicious pineapple I had just purchased.

Her response: GAAAAAAPES!!!
Mom: I'm sorry honey. We're out of grapes.
Elle: Buy some!

Oh. Right. There's always that option.

One more for the road.

E is working out our schedule. She loves to do laundry. Every time we walk by the laundromat she yells "DO LAUNDRY!!!" In an effort to keep her informed of our habits, I figured I'd tell her what days we do laundry. Now she knows that we do laundry on MUNNAY! Also on Munnay: JI-TTER-BUGS! When is yoga? TUE-DAY! When do we see AB? FIE-DAY! Soon I won't need to write down my to-do lists anymore. I have it all stored in my own personal voice recorder. If only they made one that I can fit in my pocket.

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