Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Something New-er

When I started this blog 2 years ago, my very first post was titled "Something New". As with most of my writing ventures, it has been a bit stop-and-go, but I've stuck with it and feel like I'm really getting rolling now. So I figure, why stop there? Strike while the iron is hot!

It's not a surprise then, that my good friend Marca and I got to talking recently about our writing and where we're headed and what we would like to be doing. After all, living in New York City tends to give people the impression that the world is their oyster.

Well, it turns out that Marca and I have similar thoughts about a lot of things. One of those things is the deep-seated need to live an organized, uncluttered existence that allows us to feel at peace with the world...along with a propensity for feeling overwhelmed and a tendency toward procrastination. One afternoon in July, while commiserating in a local bookstore, we discovered that we had both purchased the same book, on the same day no less. Of course, neither of us had quite gotten around to cracking the cover just yet. But it had only been a week.

Fast-forward to late August. Marca and are I eating chocolate chip cookies and drinking coffee in my apartment. The subject of the book comes up again. And again, neither of us has made much headway. But this time, we decide to throw down the gauntlet. Enough messing around. We're going to start this book, and we're going to finish it. And we're going to do it together. 52 weeks to complete organizational nirvana.

The 52 weeks starts today. And just to prove that we're serious about it, we're blogging. So you can all follow our valiant attempt to succeed at something we've both been chasing our whole lives. I'm really excited about it. And I'm really not a fan of falling on my face in front of an audience.

The blog is called 52 weeks to leave your clutter, and you can find it here. Wish us luck!

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