Thursday, September 2, 2010

Laughed 'til we cried

J has a crooked smile. At least it's crooked whenever you point a camera at it. Otherwise it's fine, lovely in fact. But when it comes to picture time, it looks like someone is pulling him offstage by his mouth with an invisible cane. Who knew that this affliction would provide us with one of our most enjoyable moments together?

It was during our trip to the Bronx Zoo this summer when we found a Bug Carousel. Man, did E love it. "BUGS! BUUUUUUUGS!!!" During the ride an employee comes along and snaps a couple of pictures that you can purchase afterwards - the usual money grab. Of course, we're suckers and had a great time so we thought, why not? How expensive could they be? $2? $5? I'm afraid not. One wallet sized photo = $13.99. For this, we managed to keep straight faces. Then we saw our pictures.

I still regret not buying the picture, because there is just no way to describe Jeff's face. Eyes open so wide as to be demonic, teeth bared, and one side of his mouth pulled so far over to the side as to almost fall off his face. Meanwhile, E and I are grinning prettily, unaware of the beast in our midst.

J and I burst into a spontaneous fit of gregarious laughter that quickly turned into the "ugly cry" and didn't subside until we were well away from the carousel. I assume the cashier took that to mean that we were just going to the ATM. Fortunately E is too young to be humiliated by us just yet...I think.

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