Monday, September 13, 2010

Attack of the SICK BABY

Our girl is so predictable. And yet, I continue to be slow on the uptake.

She's a good kid. Sure, she's not the most laid back of characters...she has her opinions and is quick and emphatic in stating them...but generally speaking if you do what you're told it's smooth sailing. Until it's not. At which point mom should really start figuring out that it probably means she's sick. But I don't. Until I pick up my screaming, flailing sack of grumpy and realize that she's one hot potato.

This is what happened yesterday. We were having a lovely Skype conversation with Grandma and Papa when things started to go south. That was the first warning. Of course I just figured she was a) hungry or b) tired or c) bored, so I figured I'd take her to the park for a little outdoor distraction. When I asked "Do you want to go to the park?", which usually has the same response that asking "Do you want to go for a WALK?" has on Ralph, her face crumpled and she yelled "NOOOOOOO!". Hmm...too tired for the park? Second warning ignored.

Well, let's push on. So I cut up some grapes, filled up her water bottle, packed some diapers and a sun hat, all while listening to a cranky tirade and trying to bolster her mood by talking about all of the fun things at the park. Poor Ralph is getting more excited by the minute, but E is determinedly focused on expressing her dissatisfaction with the way things are going.

Eventually it was time for the pre-outing diaper change. After the inevitable "Okay, let's change your diaper!"/"NO WAY DUDE!" routine (she actually says that), I scooped her up and thought...hmmm...she's awfully, wait a second...and she's up to speed folks. 102.3 farenheit.

Since then it has been a roller coaster of fever up/fever down, morale up/morale down, E up/coffee down and I'm just trying to ride this thing out. I can't seem to get her in the crib tonight. She's passed out on the bed right now (on J's side, thankfully), and my two attempts at a transfer were met with half-delerious nonsensical shouting and one long tortured wail. I think if she's still like this tomorrow I'll just try to roll with it a bit and see if I can at least fry an egg on her to save on the gas bill.

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