Saturday, September 4, 2010

A Celebration, Cowfam Style

J just rocked his exams. He's so smart. To celebrate, his parents told us to make a dinner reservation somewhere, on them. So we went to Peter Luger's Steakhouse. It's where you go if want a serious steak with no messing around. Just in case you're about to disagree and tell me that you would go to The Keg, take your head out of your butt and have a look at these:

The steak comes out pre-sliced into juicy slabs of perfectly cooked goodness. They put the plate on an angle, so the butter that the steak is swimming in pools at the bottom and is easy to scoop up.

And see that right there? That's our appetizer. A thick slab of bacon. BAM!

E was in a stellar mood, just chomping at the bit to charm the pants off of everyone. She likes this place.

The waiter put bread on the table. "Bread! Eat! WOW."

The waiter came by to put water on the table. "Hi-iii!"
He left. "Byyyyeee!"

She even had the notoriously grumpy waiters cooing over her in the corner and entertaining her with coin tricks. Her review of the meal? "Tasty!"


  1. CONGRATULATIONS JEFF!!!!! YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. YUMMMY, we must go there when we get back looks delicious.

    Elle looks so grown up! Congrats to Jeff on his hard work.