Monday, August 1, 2011

This is the life

Today was a good day. A very good day. Of course, any day involving animals and my daughter is bound to turn out well, and if you make those animals horses and have us riding them, well...can you think of another way to spell success?
The horse belongs to a friend from our university days that we've recently reunited with, and I get the feeling that we might have even more in common now than we did then. It was just one of those easy, relaxing days that I'd have been happy to see stretch into the evening, enjoying the company of an old friend and her charming husband. But, of course, toddlers must nap, and you'd do well to remember that no one has ever won a battle against an overtired munchkin.

Later this afternoon as the girl and I were playing in the backyard, I looked around and came to a realization of sorts. I realized that I am supremely happy to have a clothesline, lovingly erected by my husband, where I can watch my clothes flutter in the breeze, soaking up the smell of fresh air and sunshine; to have a charcoal barbeque found on the curb down the street, that makes my backyard smell like a campfire and my burgers tasting of smoky goodness; to be living a less hurried, less complicated existence than a few short months ago, when life was more exciting but more exhausting at the same time.

I loved our time in New York, and I still miss it sometimes. But I wouldn't go back now if we had the chance. The simple things are what I'm interested in these days, and it feels like we finally have a little room in our lives to appreciate them.

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