Thursday, August 4, 2011

Trip to the Dentist!

E had her first trip to the dentist yesterday! And it was a huge success. Witness the monumentous event for yourself:

Nice chair. Maybe I can get one of these for the living room.

 A pink bib?! This place really gets me.

Practicing keeping my  mouth open...without talking.

 A water sprayer - fun!

A water sucker - double fun! 

 Better play it cool, I think the dentist is coming in.

 I already told you, I have 20 teeth. Okay fine, go ahead and look for yourself.

Hey, what are you writing in my chart? 

You want a look too? Geez, you guys sure are thorough.  

 High five! Let's do this again soon.


  1. so awesome! what a champ! of course :)

  2. Wow! Hope our dentist appointment goes that good! What a big girl!!