Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Colour Me Happy

E is learning all about colours these days. Specifically, mixing colours. She loves to paint, and imagine her surprise to discover that if you have two colours, you can combine them to make a WHOLE NEW COLOUR! I believe it all started with pink, as things generally do around here. She wanted pink paint. Of course she did. So I pulled out the red and the white paint, and she was quick to inform me that no, not red paint and not white paint, she wanted pink paint. "Ah, but watch this!" I reply conspiratorially. "You take a little red, you take a little white and..."

"It's PINK!!!"

That's right kid. Your mom's a magician.

We followed that up with a little yellow-and-blue-makes-green, some red-and-blue-makes-purple, a dash of yellow-and-red-makes-orange, and for our grand finale - green and black makes dark green. Perfect for making "ogre hands":

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