Friday, August 26, 2011

Smile. It's Friday.

Our neighbours have sunflowers in their backyard that soar over the six foot privacy fence and keep us company as we dine al fresco.

This morning at the park the sky was an incredible, mesmerizing shade of blue, with one tiny, unassuming cloud drifting through its expanse.

When I forgot to bring a towel to the pool the other day, E found her own way to dry off by circumnavigating the pool, lying down on her belly and stretching out her arms and legs every few steps to make "water angels".

We had fruit salad for lunch today because, why not? It was full of "'ectarines", the few blueberries that didn't end up in my sous-chef's belly before they could make it to the bowl, grapes, pears, kiwis, apricots, and some "abo-cado" on the side. Dee-lish.

On the way home from a playdate yesterday, I hadn't realized that I was having animated conversations with the drivers around me until I heard "Chill out mama. It's okay. I'm telling you to chill out because you're not chillin' out" from the backseat.

Our mailman introduced himself to us yesterday. His name is Jim. He called me by name and said he's been on this route for four years and likes to meet the new people he delivers to. Now that's just nice.

My daughter can breakdance. I witnessed it myself yesterday. She's really good.

It's payday.

My daughter, after never once having any trouble staying in her toddler bed since it's introduction, fell out twice last night after I moved her bed to the other side of the room. Now maybe that shouldn't make me smile, but it does.

I'm starting a dance class in September. It's been about 18 years, so I'm a little rusty, but I can't remember the last time I was this giddy with anticipation about something.

In one week E will be reunited with her camper and the grandparents who own it, and just a few days after that we will be reunited with my brother and his extraordinarily wonderful trio of girls.

And if I haven't gotten you yet, you don't stand a chance against E's new joke:

Q: What's brown and sticky?


A: A stick!

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