Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Parlez-vous français?

La fille has been showing lots of interest in the French language these days. Her favourite book right now is this one:

She wants me to read it constantly, although she refers to it as "the french book that I don't like". Go figure.

Also, she likes to make up words that sound french and ask me what they mean. Then she has little conversations in "french" to her stuffed animals sometimes, which is pretty adorable. She knows a few colours, a few shapes, and that "tout chaud" means "nice and hot"...to paraphrase. And every night we wish each other a Bonne nuit! Je t'aime! And that's just nice.

It's fun to actively teach your kids stuff and watch them effortlessly and enthusiastically add new facts and skills to their ever-growing repertoire of braininess. In fact, just the other day we discussed the whole  seasonal cycle of leaves turning colours and falling off of trees. When I pointed out one tree with leaves and one without, her response was "That is a-MA-zing!!!" without a hint of sarcasm. I felt like a genius.

But you know what's even more fun? The greatest part of all this learning is witnessing what happens when they filter through all of those tidbits to decide what they think is cool and find their own interests. It's really quite mind-blowing, and maybe that's kinda lame in a yep-I'm-a-parent-and-everything-my-kid-does-is-amazing kind of way, but I'm too busy having my mind blown over here to care about being lame.

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