Sunday, December 19, 2010

Sleep? Sleep? Where for art thou, sleep?

I will not bore you with the painful details of the torture that our little angel puts us through every night these days in her battle against sleep. I will only mention in passing that I am slowly slipping into a semi-conscious coma and were it not for the small miracles like the one I will tell you about below, as well as a steady supply of coffee and chocolate, I would surely not be able to write these posts day after day for your benefit.

Two nights ago, after a two hour stand-off that ended with the girl in the bed, me huddled into the fetal position on one side of her and her father battling waves of nausea on the other, I felt tiny little fingertips stroking my back. After petting me quietly for a few moments, she let her hand rest on my back and as she drifted off to sleep she said:

"Don't worry. Be happy."

And for a little photographic cuteness, this is a shot of her early one morning, after waking up ludicrously early. She grabbed her "buddies", put them on the bed, covered them lovingly with her blanket and read them a story. It's nice to see her show so much concern that her stuffed animals get enough rest.

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  1. It's those sweet little moments that somehow allow us to forgive those stand-offs. This one over here regularly... about once a week... decides she doesn't want to nap. Sometimes it can be pretty torturous, but kinda comical when she randomly, and helplessly cries and says "I can't stop crying! Wipe my tears... i can't stop crying!"