Saturday, December 18, 2010

15 Days of Christmas - Day 8

I know, I know. I skipped a few. But there was so much Christmas in today's festivities that I think we more than made up for it.

1st stop: Macy's!

Elle took a ride on the Polar Express, walked through a North Pole wonderland and met Santa! The real Santa, I might add. You don't stand "on line" (that's the American coming out) for an hour and half to meet some two-bit imposter, you know. Plus, everyone knows that the real Santa is at Macy's.

I have to say, she was the best behaved child I have ever had through the whole experience. We waited in line for the elevators, we waited in line for Santa, we waited in line for our pictures, we even waited in line to get out. By the time we left it was two hours past her nap time and with only some minor coaxing she passed out in the stroller for the walk to the tree.

2nd stop: Rockefeller and the Tree!

We had the brilliant idea of stopping for a late lunch, seeing as Elle was asleep, thinking that maybe we could have a nice, relaxing meal during her nap. Of course, she woke up as soon as we sat fact, I don't think my butt had quite hit the chair...and we had family lunch instead. Then we crossed the street to see the tree. She was kind of impressed, but I think that she thinks our tree at home is cooler. I mean, the giant one only has lights - no ornaments, no bows, no homemade tissue paper angels. Come on. But she was a great sport about posing for a million pictures, then we donated to the Sally Ann in exchange for a fun balloon animal and hopped on the subway to go home.

Another pretty perfect day. She was pretty wired when we got home, she ran all the way home squealing and yelling "YAYYYYY!!!", stopping only to close people's gates - it's her own brand of OCD.

When I finally convinced her to go to bed, after a spirited reading of The Grinch Who Stole Christmas, she lay there for a while with her eyes obediently closed but I could tell that she was just faking it. I snuggled up to her and she turned her head to me, smiling, eyes still closed. "Hi mama," she said. "Bonne nuit, mama. I love you. Sing please."

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