Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Breaking News: Dog teaches Baby how to Spell!

We do a lot of spelling in our house. It started years ago when Ralph first started to recognize those key exciting words in a dog's life: Walk, Park, Breakfast, Dinner...the usual suspects. So we started spelling those, and after 7 years of spelling things a few other words just snuck in there...Snacks, Bed, Baby, Car, Coffee, Telephone...we just do it out of habit at this point. And when Elle started getting a good grasp of the English language, we found that speaking in code really came in handy - planning trips to the P-A-R-K, or reminding ourselves to buy G-R-A-P-E-S at the store, or wondering if it's time to put someone down for an N-A-P. I figured that she would catch on eventually. It couldn't last forever. But I was completely blown away on the weekend when we were walking home after family breakfast and a little 22 month old voice from the stroller announced:

"Let's go P-A-R-K and play now!"

Looks like we're going to need another code.

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