Thursday, December 16, 2010

Getting pretty excited over here...

Is it really only 9 days until Christmas?? Oooh, it's coming quickly...I can't wait. Having a kid just makes it so much more exciting! I'm more ready than usual in some ways and typically behind in others. Presents are mostly bought...except for our daughter. But last year - you're just not going to believe this - we went out on Christmas Eve and scrambled for a gift because we (gasp) forgot to get something for her. I don't know, I really don't know what happened there.

Anyhoo, at least we've remembered her this year and we have it almost narrowed down to the perfect gift. My Christmas cards are done and are being dropped in the mailbox tonight. We're a little behind on our 15 days of Christmas, but I blame the stomach flu that my daughter has been tossing around (pun intended) for the past several days. She kiboshed our trip to the Moomah Cafe in Manhattan...or at least postponed it...and hasn't really been feeling up to much in the way of craftiness. I also blame my ignorance, as I failed to realize that Hanukkah is, um, over...making it a bit difficult for us to celebrate it in any sort of organized fashion.

But we did deliver some Christmas treats today, and yesterday was spent finishing up our viewing of Miracle on 34th Street. We've also spent somewhere in the ballpark of six hours in the past two days singing Jingle Bells. Here is E's version:

Jingle Bells
Jingle Bells
All the Wayyyyyy


Oh what fun
Ride on
One horse open sleighhhhhhhhh


Actually, that's not bad. I'm willing to bet it's better than her dad can do. She is also continually asking me: "Where Santa Claus right now?", and begging to watch "Santa and reindeer on comp-oo-ter!"

No, Christmas is not escaping this little girl's notice this year. And she's held fast to her one request from Santa - a reindeer. Simple enough, no? I'm just hoping she doesn't mean an actual reindeer. Because Ralph really hates wearing antlers.

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  1. nice! Jingle Bells has also become Zo's fav song! Although, I'm not sure if Elle has the same "accent" that zo has... "jingle bay-elles, jingle bay-elles". Maybe she misses Elle? I agree with you... we must have the same kid!