Tuesday, September 27, 2011

A strange man in my bed

Last week, and the week before for that matter, I didn't see much of my baby daddy. And his baby saw even less of him. We had...are you ready for this?...ONE meal together last week. Dinner. Saturday night. Lasagna.

But THIS week, baby daddy is on vacation. You know what that means?

Last night we had dinner together. We went for an after-dinner walk together - even Ralph came. We gave E a bath together, read her stories together and - you guessed it - put her to bed together. Then we sat on the couch and canoodled together while watching Bridesmaids. Hilarious.

He got into bed when I did, and this morning when I woke up, he was still there. I got E ready and walked her to school and when I got home he hadn't moved. We went out for brunch together, and I have to tell you that although I love going out to brunch with E, it sure is nice to do it sans enfants once in a while too.

I went grocery shopping without him, because I wouldn't let him come, because a) he would complain later about not studying and b) he sucks at grocery shopping.  But then I came home and he was there, studying away as though he spends every Tuesday afternoon hanging out at home instead of darting around a hospital, trying not to pee. Now we're working away, side by side, sipping coffee and eating homemade chocolate cookies and concord grapes. It's all so very decadent.

Did I mention that it's a perfect fall day? The sun is shining, the leaves are turning, people are smiling. I'm smiling too. For one whole, wonderful week, I have my family back. One of these days we'll plan elaborate family vacations during his time off. But for now, this is just what the doctor ordered. (Oh yes I did.)

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