Saturday, September 24, 2011

Ballet shoes soothe the soul

Write that down. Particularly if the shoes are filled with chubby toddler feet - or should I say preschooler feet - and are tippy-toeing and leaping and twirling in a room full of other adorable tiny ballet-shoe clad feet attached to clumsy yet determined bodies.

For a blissful 45 minutes this morning, the only thing that either of us was thinking about was how absolutely friggin' awesome dance class is. E was once again giddy at the prospect of putting on her ballet outfit and getting to be a ballerina. She especially enjoys Good Toes/Bad Toes routine. Her mama was simply overjoyed at her good fortune to be able to watch the magic unfold. I could have stood there all day - heck, I could do that for the rest of my life. I wish I had words to explain to you how much I love this. But you must be getting the idea by now. Last week I was one of a swarm of parents all snapping pictures as though they would never again witness something so fleeting and precious. This morning I was one of two. I guess the novelty has worn off for some parents, and that's fine by me. Less competition for a good vantage point. I guess I can leave the elbow pads at home next time.

Good toes! 

Bad toes! 

More great form.


Up! Up! Up!

Hi Mom! 

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