Friday, September 2, 2011

Happy September!

Man, I love this month. E does too. She's been waiting for September for months, ever since she learned that that's when school starts. Last night I met her teacher, Ms. Veronique. She's Swiss, she has a french accent and sky high stilettos and looks far to young to have been teaching for 20 years. I like her very much. I think E will too, although she was happy enough eating brownies and clowning around with her good friend Holly last night while the grown-ups talked business.

In about two hours we're heading in to introduce her to the school, her classroom and Ms. Veronique herself. E is positively drooling with anticipation - I'm surprised I convinced her to sleep first.

Then we're heading off to camp with GrammaPapa for the weekend, where E will sleep in a camper for three nights in a row.

Big start to a big month. Stay tuned.

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