Tuesday, September 27, 2011

All Request Day

One thing I'm starting to realize is that although preschool means a lot more uninterrupted free time for mom, it means a drastic reduction in said time for E. She's used to calling a lot of the shots, and now her days are largely scheduled by "the man". In light of this, I figured I'd give her a chance to take the power back by giving her an All Request Day.

The Perfect Sunday
~ Created and Directed by E

7:00am "My clock is yellow, it's time to wake up!"

Breakfast: Hot buttered toast and How The Grinch Stole Christmas

Swimming at a public pool, complete with pool noodles, life jackets and watering cans.
Making snowballs out of zamboni snow and throwing them at mom.

Lunch: Pizza!

Baking Gooey Double Chocolate Cookies with mom and licking the spatula. 
Sharing a cookie with mom while it's still warm.

Playing silly games with mom involving balloons, chalk, a spray bottle and furry winter boots.

Dinner: (whole wheat zucchini) Pancakes!

And lots and lots of snuggling while reading many, many stories before bed.

My guess is the sudden episode of pre-bed vomiting wasn't part of the plan. But sometimes, juuuust sometimes, it can be the marker of a really great day. No?

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