Sunday, September 11, 2011

The Preschool Chronicles - Excerpts from The First Day

According to teacher, Ms. Veronique

"She definitely has firm ideas of what she does and does not want to do."

"She has a great sense of humour. She always wants to make the other children laugh."

"Great first day. No problems whatsoever."

According to E

"They have a sandbox! We played in the sandbox, and everybody had shovels and pails and everyone shares every toy with everyone. The teachers helped us fill our buckets."

"I don't run in my school. Also, we talk quietly."

"Ms. Camy helped me walk down the stairs."

"One lady had plastic gloves. Do you know why she had plastic gloves?"

"We have fancy beds that we sleep in, and all the kids had fancy beds too and we were all together in the same room. Mine had my brown blanket and my bunny pillow and my kitty bla bla!

"The teacher said Shhhh, it's time for sleeping to me because I was talking."

"They had snacks! They had watermelooooon, bagellllls, cheeeeeeeese and crackerrrrrrrs, applllllles, carooooooots....I had all of it."

"I liked my lunch. Actually, I liked everything except the tomatoes. I didn't like the tomatoes because I only like tasty things."

"The lady with the plastic gloves said that she didn't want to get poop on her hands."

Favourite part of the day: Playing in the sandbox

Plan for next week: Play with the bells

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