Friday, September 16, 2011

The Preschool Chronicles - Anyone?

Just wondering if anyone out there can take this devilishly encrypted conversation and derive either a) deeper meaning about the inner workings of the Montessori system or b) what frickin' song this kid is referring to?

E: Do you know the song about the pirate?
M: No, did you sing a song about a pirate in school today?
E: Yeah. Do you know it?
M: No. How does it go?
E: Well, there's a pirate...a soldier actually, and he says one two three...and you stomp your feet like this (stomp, stomp stomp). And the soldier and the pirate sing together, and that's how the pirate song goes.
M: Hm. Wanna sing The Wheels on the Bus again?
E: No. I sang that with dada yesterday.

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