Thursday, July 14, 2011

Party Time

As the days went by and I was no longer changing wet underwear or wiping up puddles on the floor, I began to realize that our daughter is getting the hang of this potty thing. Overnight it seems I went from having to put her on the potty a million times a day because she would never tell us in time, to her deciding exactly when and where she would go on her own and not spilling a drop in between. I guess something clicked. That's worth a party, right?

Around day 10 or so I told her that if she got to 14 days or two whole weeks without having an accident then we would have a party. This was a big hit. I told her that she could even decide what we would do at the party. Even bigger hit. Her requests? Eat ice cream in the park and fly a kite. Pretty awesome party, if you ask me. So that's what we did. Day 14 came and went with another pair of dry underpants, and so we threw a tutu over them (guess who got to pick her own outfit?), grabbed Dada (who was surprisingly off for the afternoon), a cooler bag full of ice cream and a horsey kite from Gramma Leslie, and away we went. Turns out that Elle's a natural with the kite. Also with ice cream, but that's no surprise, considering whose kid she is.

First things first. Fueling up for the serious business of kite flying.

Calmly surveying the wind conditions...Okay! It's time! Come on! COME ON!!!

First, there's lots of running...don't worry, Mama and Dada will help you.

 Thanks guys, but I got this. 

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