Thursday, July 28, 2011

Dr. Seuss on the brain

In a very perfect world
You wouldn't like juice
And I wouldn't need coffee
But it's really no use

For you see it's unwise
To wish for odd things
Like superpowers
And magic rings

What matters most, if you really must know
Is that you have a big heart that continues to grow
You have a smart brain that will help you out too
When you're stuck in a rut wondering what you should do
And just when you think you may be all alone
You have parents who love you and a pretty nice home

Your home you can come to from near or from far
You can come by foot, plane, ship or railway car
It will always be here, and your parents will too
When you need us to help or to cook up some stew

Sure, I may be getting ahead of myself
Right now you just want my help reaching the shelf
The second one up though, you've mastered the first
So it's really not long before worse comes to worst
And you leave us here wondering, when did she grow up?
Remember when she couldn't drink from a cup?
Or figure out how to tie those shoes up?

The point, my dear toddler, of all of this talk
Is to tell you I LOVE YOU, now that can't be a shock
And tho sometimes we won't get along all that well
And there may be some secrets you don't want to tell
Please remember this poem - this is where you belong
If I had a good voice I would make it a song
Every bone, hair and cell that my body contains
Is devoted to you and is taking great pains
To make sure that you know that my love never wanes

Sometimes I'm grumpy, impatient and mad
Sometimes I'm not always nice when you're sad
I'm sorry for that, for I'm imperfect, see
But I'll never stop trying and trying to be
Worthy of you, for you came here to me
As perfect as any perfection could be

You will make mistakes too, it's what we all do
But like dogs will bark and cows will moo
And donkeys will bray and flies will shoo
You, my darling, will do what you do
And we will be there, so proud of you.

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