Saturday, July 9, 2011

Moments that become Memories

Sitting under a huge maple tree, shielded from a sudden summer shower, teaching my 2 year old how to play patty-cake.

Watching her chase puppies in the grass, erupting with giggles and glee as another dog, and another dog join the fun until she disappears in a sea of tails and tongues.

Tearing through the basement together, discovering all kinds of new and magical places in what was previously thought to be a wasteland of boxes and laundry.

Laying in the dark of her room, post-nap, listening to her voice become more and more animated as she describes her dreams in surprising and suspicious detail.

The trips to the splash pad and the ball pit, birthday parties and airplane rides to faraway places  - those are all great and fun, but the time in between is indescribably precious in other ways. These little moments are the ones when we really connect with each other. When I'm not so concerned about wow-ing her, or getting it all in, or waiting for the fun to start. These are the moments that I'll never be too tired or too busy to enjoy. And as accidental and fleeting as they are, these are the sweet moments that will be burned into my memory for a lifetime.

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