Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Date Night!

Coincidentally, a GrammaPapa visit also meant that Mama and Dada were able to experience the ever-elusive Date Night smack in the middle of J's first week of residency hell. We went to this fantastic foodie haven, and had an absolute devil of a time. If you can believe it, my husband made me leave before dessert, mumbling some nonsense about having to go home and "get some work done" before work tomorrow...I'm still confused...but I was nonetheless terribly impressed and cannot wait to go back to try that Lavender Creme Brulee I've heard so much about.

It was divine, and we returned to a bottle of champagne and a cheerful toddler who was happy to retire to her brand new sleeping bag for the evening while two generations her senior retired to their champagne glasses. I can't imagine a better scenario. Here I am with one sip of champagne left, and no need to tiptoe through the house as I get ready for bed as my daughter is safely ensconced in her new coccoon with an every watchful set of grandparents to cater to her every whim. In fact, what the heck am I still doing on the computer...