Friday, July 29, 2011

Doctor? Easy Peasy. Dentist? Hellooo? Anyone out there???

This morning I set about my mission to find the Cowfam a doctor and a dentist in our new town. Dentists...they're easy to find, right? Always taking new patients? Not at the end of July they're not. 8 phone calls. 8. And I managed to get one appointment. Every other office I called, including offices with multiple dentists, was closed until anywhere from the August 2nd to the 18th. I was dumbfounded. I actually took a break from looking for a dentist and switched gears to doctors. Because I like a challenge.

2 phone calls. 2 measly little phone calls and my entire family has a family physician. Is she any good? Who cares? I have my very own second opinion at the other end of my king size bed.

Be careful on the roads this long weekend, because the Emergency Rooms are open, but if you chip a tooth you're up the creek. Of course, you'll probably find a bunch of dentists up there fishing.

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