Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Dear Universe in General,

I'd like to thank you. I'd like to thank those responsible for all of the elements affecting my life that are beyond my control. You play a part in the good days and the bad, and you are comforting to have around.

You see, I quite often disappoint myself for a variety of reasons. And if I had to carry the full burden of responsibility for those disappointments I would surely crumble. But the simple fact is that it gives me comfort to know that sometimes, no matter what, things just don't work out right. Of course, one must be careful to avoid using this fact as an excuse. That's a slippery slope, to be sure.

On the other hand, when I'm beaming with pride and accomplishment over the course of events I have taken, I would be wise to acknowledge the help I have received from you, random though it may seem. No man is an island, and no perfect day comes about by the actions of one person alone.

So thank you mysterious great unknown, including everyone and everything that plays a part in my day. For better or for worse, we are team.

As a token of this gratitude, I will make a concerted effort to consider my impact on the world as part of this "great unknown" for those around me. I will try to be a positive outlook, a smiling face, the neighbour who doesn't mind you blocking the driveway, the person in line behind you at the grocery store who encourages you to go back and get the milk you forgot, thus rescuing breakfast tomorrow morning, the one to be counted on for a kind word when it's needed, and even when it's not.

You're the best. (See? We're doing a great job already.)


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