Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Animal Lover

I suppose you would be hard pressed to find a two year old out there who isn't terribly fond of creatures, big and small. But I have to say, my daughter REALLY likes them. And she doesn't discriminate. Witness her recent discovery in the dirt in Santa Fe:

"Mama, what's this guy?

Hi, buddy! Awww...beeee-tul. Huuuuug."

And as much as I try to encourage this inclusive, all-encompassing love of living things, I just couldn't bring myself to touch the little bugger. I did make lots of appreciative noises from a safe distance as dada and E passed the poor guy back and forth. Although I think my Ooohs and Aaahs may have sounded more like Ewwws and Arghs. Do I get points for not jumping up and down in terror? Oh, it wasn't that bad. 

But I tell you, I had a much better time with these folks...


  1. How did you contain yourself!! Good job mama! But just watch out when she's older, ha! My mom hates...really hates...caterpillars...always has but, never let us know that. Now, anytime we find a caterpillar we can't help but introduce our fuzzy friend. She never thinks it's as fun as we do ;)

  2. By the way... Love the pictures you captured and her green sweater! :D The collie definitely suits her.

  3. Colour...not collie...predictive text! *fist shake*

  4. I really, really miss this smile and those sweet sparkling eyes. Smooches, Miss Elle! :)