Monday, July 16, 2012

A running stream of consciousness

A client of mine recently told me that running is the only thing that clears his mind. That when he's running, he doesn't think about anything, he doesn't even listen to music - everything is just quiet inside his mind and he runs. It sounds lovely. I could never do that.

Here is an account of what was going on in my brain during my 8K run this morning...

Wow...I'm not sure how long we'll make it today. Too much sangria. Pretty sunny. Okay, focus.

I'm glad I downloaded some new running music. Ooooh, P!NK! I love her. this the right way? See, this is why I don't like new routes. Too much mental energy required to prevent getting lost.

You know, I think P!NK is on to something. Maybe the messed up freaks of the world aren't really so messed up after all. Maybe they're actually way better equipped for the real world than the perfect princesses. Hm.

Life is short. And hard. But it should be more good than hard. I wish everyone would just lay off each other, you know? Let's make clothes and hair and sexual orientation and religion and jobs and cars and all of that, let's make them all non-issues. Just not worth the effort of a debate, or a protest, or a coalition or a magazine article. Let's focus on better stuff. Like how to fit more backyard bbqs and handwritten letters into our lives. More real-life, face-to-face conversations and public displays of affection.

Oooh, downhill. Nice.

Hey. Pour Some Sugar on Me sets the perfect running pace. Who knew? I could run forever!

Crap. That's a big hill.

I can't believe I almost didn't do this. And I can't believe that sangria isn't oozing from my pores right now. Or that dehydration and fatigue hasn't relieved me of my will to remain upright and in forward motion. I'm glad J convinced me to at least try a short run. He's a good egg. I should write him a thank you note.

Fat bottomed girls is like the prelude to Baby Got Back. Heck, if Freddie Mercury and Sir Mix-a-lot can find common ground, maybe the rest of us just aren't trying hard enough.

I can't believe that this is the first time I'm running through the arboretum. Running in the shade of trees by the water sure beats a wide open farmer's field.

I wonder if this run will burn off all the crap I ate last night. Probably the apple bread and the brownie...maybe the strawberry rhubarb crumble too...although the crumble might be deceptively high in calories...

Almost done, almost done, almost done...why does the end have to be uphill....

Oooh! Rick Springfield! I wish that I had JESSIE'S GIRL! Doo do doo...

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