Monday, July 2, 2012

Lessons in Irony...Life with a 3-year-old

The idea that a giant meteorite could crash into the Earth tomorrow, resulting in mass extinction, is nothing more than fodder for dinner conversation.


Putting bubbles in the bathtub when she most definitely did not want them there is indeed, the end of the world.


The idea of losing an arm or a leg to some horrific run-in with a large piece of machinery is a minor setback that can easily be overcome with crutches and hooks.

And yet...

Being forced to endure a sweaty car ride without an indispensable pink blanket is a mountain that no mortal can be expected to climb.


It's important not to talk with your mouth full.

And it's important to remind people of that - regardless of whether they are breaking the rule or not - whenever necessary, especially when your mouth is full.


Needles at the doctor's office? Fun!

Splinter removal? Hair combing? Being slowly disemboweled by hot pokers.

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