Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Dr. Dad is on call for Infectious Diseases this week. Ew. I'll be honest - part of me wonders if there is some way that he can be placed in some kind of temporary in-house accommodations for the duration of this germy rotation. But then we would miss moments like this:

E was overjoyed to be given this morning's task of wearing dad's beeper while he got ready for work and alerting him to any incoming pages. There were two, and they sent Dr. E trotting off to find her dad, soberly and yet urgently informing him that he needed to call the hospital right away. While he attended to his pages, E sat close by, diligently making notes and generally involving herself in the process as much as possible. While wearing her brand new white coat from Gramma Leslie. And keeping her flashlight within arms reach. Just in case.

Watching these two this morning, I was struck by the effortlessness of their relationship. When they spend time together, there's none of the stress over scheduling or the feeling of forced entertainment that so often creeps into my days. Sure, they're not always best pals, but there's something so natural and different about the way J relates to E from the way that I do.

I saw this yesterday, and it's a simple truth that isn't just appropriate on Father's Day:

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