Tuesday, July 10, 2012


Our daughter has invented a new language. Or maybe she didn't, it's just that her dad and I are such sheltered ignorami that we had no idea it existed. Which is just as likely, I suppose.

It's called Fish-bye. I like to think that she's channeling her 1/4 Newfie genes, as in "That's some nice fish, by!", but any efforts to extract the significance behind the name have been stonewalled up to this point. 

The other night at story time, she offered to read to us. We had already read her stories, and I'm sure there was a certain degree of stalling involved, but I'll tolerate stalling so long as I can be genuinely entertained. And tell me this isn't entertaining:

Okay, maybe this is a case of everything my kid does is cute, even when it's dumb rearing its head. And I think I might have heard the odd "cheval" and "chemise" in there, so we might not have a completely unique dialect here, but come on. When she's famous, this stuff will be pure gold.

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