Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Speaking of food...

I'm going to eat at one of these 3-star restaurants before leaving NYC if it kills me. Without question, it will kill my wallet, but what can I say? I'm a slave to gastronomy.

This list is very intriguing. I am committing to trying at least two places on this list in the next two months, if not more, and to finding other Best ___ in NYC lists to tackle. In particular, I would be very interested in a Cheesecake list and a Cup of Coffee list.

I need a snack.

How could I have forgotten dim sum? We need to go back to Brooklyn's Chinatown to get obscenely overstuffed for $10.

We must go back to Fairway to lose ourselves in grocery heaven. Plus, I hear they do a mean cheesecake.

Oh, god. There's not enough time!!! (author begins running around her living room in circles in a blind panic...)

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