Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Mama? Can I please have my face painted?

When your barely two-year old comes to you with a cock of her adorable little head and such a perfectly formed sentence, I double-dog dare you to turn her down. What I did try to do was delay the ordeal a little, like until tomorrow, when I wouldn't be dog-tired from a long day of laundry, yoga and grocery shopping with only half an hour until dinner. My first mistake was having my husband within earshot. I had just delivered a perfectly reasonable caveat to her expectation for immediate gratification ("Baby, that's a great idea. But you know, we don't have any face paint. How about we buy some tomorrow? Mama will have to figure out where we can get some! -- read -- buying time), when husband extraordinaire pipes up with "Hey, I bet the place where we got her haircut will have some! Let's stop on the way home!"

Thanks babe. Really.

Somehow, I then managed to change the topic and dart inconspicuously into the shop as Dada kept the girl distracted outside...or so I thought. As I emerge I attempt to sneak said face paint into the stroller without tipping her off, still clinging to the notion that I could keep her off the scent, at least for the evening, when the love of my life exclaims "Oh my gosh! Look what mama has! WOW! Facepaint!!!"

No, really. You're the best.

So, we had a late dinner tonight. With a dog named Spot. And his friend, Lady-with-paint-on-her -face. You tell me who has the brighter future in facial decoration.

P.S. The inspiration for this event was a story I had told E about a little girl and her very best friend, AB. They get up to all sorts of mischief in these tales that Dada and Mama weave regularly, and apparently the face painting adventure stuck with her. My next installment will involve a day of excessive napping and laying in bed watching movies. Fingers crossed.

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  1. this is the cutest!
    hope you had a safe drive back to Brooklyn!