Thursday, February 17, 2011

Embassy SWEET!

I just don’t know how we get so lucky sometimes.

Traveling with a toddler is notoriously risky. Especially one who has just begun to explore the range of her terrible twos. You just. never. know. what is going on in that little brain and how it will conspire against you next. And when you’re strapped into a metal tube for four hours with no escape, well, it’s just the perfect time for a kid who typically has to live by everyone else’s rules to flex their free will muscles and raise some hell.

So imagine my utter amazement when my daughter was not just good, not just cooperative, but PERFECTION INCARNATE on our trip to Dallas today. Get this: about an hour into our delightful flight, she announced “I’m tired. I have a nap. I nap in Mama’s arms.” Suuuuuure, I thought. Let’s just call her bluff. So I scooped her up and snuggled her like I used to when she was a tiny little lump, like she hasn’t let me do for ages, and you’ll never guess what happened - okay, with this lead up it would be hard not to guess - she went to sleep! For real! In fact, I was the amateur that had to wake her up almost an hour and a half later to go pee. Did she wake up in her usual cranky mood? Of course not! Because she was perfect! Happy, easygoing, and oh, so charming.

We’re staying at the Embassy Suites in Dallas, and it is my new favourite place in the entire world. Pool, hot tub, free cooked-to-order breakfast every morning, free booze for two hours every evening, free local transportation...and a large pizza is only $8.95 at the restaurant! What? There was even a lovely fellow who refilled my complimentary glass of wine for me while I sat with E in the atrium, chowing down on pizza and going over our itinerary for the weekend. So I’m a little tipsy, my daughter is sleeping and life is wonderful. Now, seeing as I have a two-room suite to take advantage of without having to tiptoe around in absolute silence, I’m going to go remind myself what it’s like to have cable.

Sweet dreams!

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