Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Green is good...especially when it's not green

This is a public service announcement for anyone with picky eaters who won't eat their veggies.

My husband and I are lucky. Our daughter is not a picky eater. She eats everything, and lots of it. Sometimes she goes on a granola bar binge or on strike against tomatoes, but there's always something moderately healthy that she's happy to eat.

Still, I'm always trying to sneak an extra veggie or two into the repertoire. Enter the zucchini. Or perhaps you call it summer squash. Whatever you call it, I dare you to dislike it. Maybe you wouldn't want to eat it like an apple, and maybe you prefer not to see it sitting sliced and steamed on your plate in all its nude squashiness. But take a fine grater to that bad boy and I dare you to even notice it, let alone claim a distaste for this nutritional ninja. Grate it into eggs, into pancakes, into pasta sauce...endless possibilities, I tell you. Get creative. And, of course, if you're desperate, make chocolate chip zucchini bread and thank me later.

Today my daughter absolutely begged me to make pancakes. I made whole wheat zucchini pancakes, and she ate 8 of them. 8. Mini pancakes, yes, but come on. I made myself one giant pancake, doused it in maple syrup and tried, really hard, to taste the zucchini. Couldn't do it. Man, were they good.

Oh, and a little tip: If your anti-veggie loved one is a real fanatic, do yourself a favour and peel the zucchini first. No need to blow your cover with all those telltale green specks.


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