Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Meals to remember

It's getting down to the wire. Just about 52 days until we take our leave of the Big Apple, and our heads are swirling with things we simply must do. Most of those things involve food. There are so many neighbourhood places here that have made this town our home. Here, for your enjoyment, is a list of the...

Top 10 Meals We Have to Eat One More Time:

10. Grimaldi's - Margherita pizza with italian sausage

9. Lucali's - Pizza with fried artichokes and basil

8. Bagels by the Park - Seven grain bagel with veggie cream cheese

7. Court Street Bagels - Multigrain Everything with sundried tomato cream cheese

6. D'Amico's - 1lb Gowanus Super Blend beans

5. Eton - Chicken and beef dumplings, BBQ pork buns, Plum hawaiian ice

4. Ki Sushi - Ki Roll

3. Cobble Hill Coffee Shop - Breakfast special with freshly squeezed orange juice

2. Peter Luger's - Hamburger

And the #1 meal we will not leave New York City without enjoying at least one more time is

1. Vinny's Italian Restaurant - Lemon chicken & sausage with baked ziti

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