Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Please prepare for take-off. Or just take off already.

My husband has five interviews in the next ten days. Are they nice and close to home, say in Queens or Jersey?


Tennessee, New York, Texas, Utah, Mississippi. In that order. None in Oklahoma though, so E is not interested. Man, I wish we had been more diligent about collecting air miles in the past.

When he leaves for Tennessee on Sunday morning, he'll be coming off of his 8th 12-hour overnight shift in a row. I don't envy that guy. But then again, being me right now is no picnic either. I'm just sayin', I don't dig the single mom gig. There's not much relief these days for either of us. At least the girl and the dog seem to be bearing up okay.

Why aren't I sleeping, you ask? Because some idiot decided to pick November for National Novel Writing Month instead of oh, say, any other month of the year.

37,364 words and counting.

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