Sunday, November 14, 2010

Back to our regular programming...

Okay, I'm over it. Thanks for listening.

And I'm ready to discuss this NaNoWriMo business. After a wonderfully productive morning during which my husband and daughter amused themselves in the park, I banged out about 2600 words, bringing my word count up to 21,928 and leaving me only about 1400 left until I'm caught up. I really want to be at 25,000 by the halfway point, which is tomorrow at midnight. I think I can do it. I'm hoping for a long nap tomorrow. I had read that Week 2 was the most difficult one and, though I only have two weeks to go on, I would have to agree. After some minor hiccups this week with traveling and a mild case of writer's block as I tried to figure out where the heck my story was going, we're back on track and the words are tumbling forth once more.

On to cuter things, here are a few shots of E following in her father's footsteps...although if he heard me say that a veterinarian is a real doctor he might die of shame...

Cute, right? Even cuter is hearing her say Stess-O-Soap! in person.

You know what else is cute, but only because it comes from a toddler? Hearing her pick up on what mama and dada say and accidentally use it in the perfect context. An example...preparing her oatmeal and hearing "Alright, woman! Giddyup!" And here I was worried about the swear words.

Incidentally, we got dad back later at the park when he was too tired to chase her duckies around. "Man up, dada!" That's my girl.

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