Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Love with a capital Elle

My daughter and I made valentines last week. I decided to give myself a break and buy some colourful cardstock and pretty stickers, rather than jumping whole hog into some of the ridiculously labour intensive Martha-certified nonsense I had found on the internet. And it was super fun.

The best part was how she very deliberately chose each colour for each recipient based on their preferences, each sticker lovingly hand-picked and positioned with care.

Or when she decided that I needed one, and that it should be yellow because I love yellow.

Or when she was just so proud of her accomplishment that she couldn't help but tell Dada that she had made him one even though it was a secret because it wasn't Valentines Day yet but she wanted him to know now because she didn't want to wait.

Or how she yelled to our neighbour as I was loading her into the car that she had a valentine for him but it wasn't Valentine's Day yet so it was a secret.

Or when she asked me to write "I love you because you're my best friend" in her dad's card. Yeah, that was probably my favourite part.

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