Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Ham and Pineapple is a pretty good combo

It all started with a fairly innocent question about volcanoes. I'm hard pressed to recall exactly how the conversation went, as it was sometime before Christmas and unassisted recall of events more than twenty-four hours in the past cannot be reliably expected of me.

But one day E asked me about volcanoes and how they work. Now, I'm a biologist by education, but it's been a while since my credentials have been called into question and I'll be honest...if it doesn't relate fairly directly to the structure and function of the human body, you're more likely to get a blank stare and distracted by a tray of snacks than an informed response to your query.

Where was I? Oh, yes. Volcanoes. Something about shifting plates and magma chambers...all culminating in boiling hot lava. And lava is cool. Ask any kid or 70's aficionado. So we went from bumbling explanations and Google Images to the old baking soda and vinegar experiment:

I had a video to put here, but it was too long. Boo.

That was pretty fun. And it led to further questioning about the best places to see volcanoes. Enter Hawaii. Although I did mention that there exists the odd inactive volcano in Canada, once mentioned E was immediately enamoured with the thought of Hawaii. I mean, who can blame her?

Since she has discovered Hawaii, it has been pointed out to her on various maps throughout the city, various (and otherwise boring) tea shops and waiting rooms have been transformed into tropical islands bubbling with eruptions, and on various occasions our after school playtime has centered around - you guessed it - Hawaii. She's obsessed. My favourite part? She calls it "How-why". So cute.

This is her interpretation of a volcano:

And this is her, lei and all, enjoying a smoothie in Hawaii, courtesy of IKEA.

Of course, as you can expect, she has insisted that we go there. Today. Although yesterday would be better. Which is great, because when I think about affordable family getaways for debt-laden folks on a budget, Hawaii is the first place that comes to mind.


  1. Are our daughters long lost twins?! Zo was on a lava and volcano trip for the longest time! She would randomly want to watch some volcano videos from youtube... Baachan has a piece of lava rock that Z loves! And we too talk about where there are volcanos... usually Hawaii is the place because we LOVE Hawaii! Sounds like we need to make a group trip someday... not today or yesterday for us either... but someday!

  2. Have you done the baking soda and vinegar? You can just ball up some aluminum foil around a little shot glass, pour in the ingredients and voila! Works great. How about we set a date? Sometime in the latter half of 2016/first half of 2017. What do you say? :)