Tuesday, February 14, 2012

The Best of Times

Today my husband went to work on a new *horrific* rotation and was greeted with 30 patients (where the maximum is 25) for whom he is now responsible for the next 24 (ahem...32) hours, and who are complete and total strangers to him.

For my wonderful, wonderful husband, there won't be many smiles and hearts and rainbows today. E and I did our part yesterday with a delicious steak dinner and a fabulous handmade valentine. And he did his part this morning with a lovely card, an adorable pink hair ribbon and some seriously thoughtful* chocolates. We smiled and hugged and yelled "I love you! Have a good day!" out the door to him, and I hope some of that stays with him in the long hours that follow.

I'm having a lovely day. A day off. Baking brownies. Reading blogs. Enjoying the sunshine. I feel a bit guilty, but I know that it's unreasonable to deny myself the enjoyment of this day. So I'm going to accentuate the positive by taking a look at this last month that the Cowfam has enjoyed. J was on a very light rotation, with days ending by 4pm and weekends free and clear.

We went to the Museum of Nature several times and I learned that my husband is unnaturally obsessed with dinosaurs and fossils in general.

We skated on the Rideau Canal and I learned that Beaver Tails with cinnamon and sugar are actually improved upon with a squeeze of fresh lemon.

We bought new chairs from IKEA and hung a bunch of photos and I learned that this place can indeed feel less like a student residence and more like a family home.

We bailed on a couple of weekend road trips and I learned that my husband gets incredibly antsy if there is not at least one planned activity for the day.

We didn't go sledding once and I learned that my husband has - somewhere between the Pediatrics ER and Plastic Surgery - turned into something of a "helicopter mom".

We spent a lot more time on the division of labour and I discovered that I feel much better at the end of the day if I relinquish control and don't lose my schmidt.

We played, we teased, we giggled and were generally lighthearted, and it was lovely. The husband and father that comes home periodically for the next 28 days won't be the same one that we've gotten used to lately, but now that I know that we will see him again, I find it easier to focus on being more supportive and less panicky.

Happy Valentine's Day to my two sweethearts. At least we have each other.

*I'm not being sarcastic when I describe the chocolates as "seriously thoughtful". They are the closest approximation he could find to the supremely addictive Kirkland Brand Chocolate Almond Toffee that disappeared from the Costco shelves before I could fill the basement with reinforcements, and that can now only be found on Amazon for the double the price. I'm not kidding.

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