Saturday, January 22, 2011

Welcome Home Dada! For now...

Dada came home last night from yet another multi-day excursion across the country. He crept in just after midnight and snuck a quick hug and kiss from his sleepy wife before diving into bed himself. When E woke up this morning, I expected the same look of surprise and glee that she usually gets when she sees Dada sleeping in the spot that's been empty for the past couple of days. But, alas, I think she's getting used to this arrangement. In fact, this morning when I brought her into bed and plunked her between us, the only evidence I had that she noticed him as she crawled over him to get to the floor was when she said "In my way, Dada." Ah, to be taken for granted. These days that doesn't sound so bad. I'll gladly take some taken for granted over the emotional abuse I've suffered at the hands of this fiery little toddler this week. It has been a banner week, but not in a good way. There have been so many tears that I have to put cream on her dry cheeks at night. No joke. Okay, it might also have to do with the fact that it's very cold outside, but I'm sure the tears are the main culprit. If only there was a cream for my nerves for they, my friends, are frayed. But I digress. We were talking about Dada.

He's home, and we're in the midst of a lovely weekend. E had two items on her To Do list today: 1. Make a snowman. 2. Go swimming. Done and done. I had one item: 1. Mom time. Done. I didn't bother to ask J about his To Do list (that would just be another item on my list), but he seems to be doing something productive right now as we sit on the couch together, tapping our respective keyboards. We had family breakfast, we played in the park, Dada and E swam while Mama worked out, we went to Trader Joe's and ate free dip, and we're about to crawl into bed with a movie. Tomorrow we will go into Manhattan and frolic in a giant playspace, followed by an afternoon football/playdate with E's best friend and her parents.

Then, early Monday morning, my husband will get back on a plane and so will begin another episode of the single mom show. I shouldn't say that, as there are lots of single moms out there who don't get relieved, ever, but it sure makes me appreciate my husband when he comes home.

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