Monday, January 31, 2011

E's first haircut!

We wanted it to be special. Partly because we're sentimental people and we like to make a big deal out of things when we can. And partly because we're cheap and this kind of thing isn't going to happen on a regular basis. We managed to go 1 year and 363 days without taking our daughter to a hair salon, and what better time to do it than for her birthday? Every girl wants to be pampered and look smashing on her birthday, right?

The last time mom went to get her hair cut, we made a big deal about how much fun it was, hinting to E that she might get to do it too someday. She remembered. Weeks later she was still saying "Nice hair, mama!" She's very thoughtful that way.

So when we told her that she was getting her hair done for her birthday, at the same place where she goes for her beloved Jitterbugs class...well, she was enthusiastic.

She tossed back the last of her raisins and posed for a quick pre-cut photo with mom.

Then she greeted her hairdresser with a somewhat subdued "Hi Margret!" She's always a little shy with newbies at first, but once Margret pulled out the Elmo DVD, the fishy smock and the Sesame Street remote control, E was smitten.

Toss in a clippy, a balloon and a lollipop (way to go hard to the hoop there, Margret) and it was just about the most fun experience ever.

And what do you do with your new and improved adorable toddler to celebrate a successful first salon visit? Why, you go to lunch! In our case, we went to our usual spot for family breakfast, and soaked up loads of attention from anyone who happened to look in our direction.

Man, I love this kid.

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