Thursday, January 27, 2011

Maybe I should buy a shovel.

Wow. I'm not sure that NYC has ever seen this much snow.

The girl and I were out enjoying another snow day this morning, building snowmen and taking pictures.

My absolute favourite part about snow days in Brooklyn is the neighbourliness. First of all, it is shocking to me how quickly everyone gets out and shovels their patch of sidewalk. Sure, it may be purely done out of fear of being fined, but still, it gets done and it sure is nice. The other thing I notice is that our entire street turns into one big water cooler. People stop to chat as they take breaks from shovelling, or as they trudge, lackadaisically and without much purpose, to the subway to make an appearance at work. No one is in a hurry, very few are in a bad mood, and people stand in the middle of what was just yesterday a busy intersection to discuss anything that comes to mind.

I also love the excuse to go in and grab another cup of hot chocolate.

Oh, and I have a good suspicion that we're not getting any of this today:

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